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Another Way of Expressing Thoughts

Let me share this. I knew these are not perfect but this is my other way of expressing…

Love offering
Love offering

A hand is not only an ordinary hand, it’s a left hand. Left hand represents a woman, a rose represents a love and a spoiled paint is a blood and it represents a pain. What act have you seen in that picture? It’s offering. It’s a woman who offer her love even she knows she get hurt because for her pain is nothing when it replaced with love.

Nature - one of my favorite genre to paint. ( my work )
Nature – one of my favorite genre to paint. ( my work )
my #1 fan's work - my niece. :)
my #1 fan’s work – my niece. 🙂 She is just 8 yrs. old but she did this. She loves doing painting with me.

Even before when I started painting, one of my favorite to paint is nature. It’s a weird feeling that every time I finished my work I can feel peace.

A painting that spoiled with paint.
A painting that spoiled with paint.

After I finished painting this one, a single stroke of paint spoiled on my work. I thought it made my entire work looks so bad, but when I realized that it’s not really bad I spoiled more paint all over. And for me, it’s not stupidity, it’s an art. Relevance to life; not all failures are bad, not all wrong decisions drives you down, sometimes it’s a way to discover the better one.


A woman sitting alone while watching sunset. Maybe at this time I just really feel being alone or hopeless to find my man that’s why I created this (haha). I hope someday there’s a big man besides me and we both witness the sweetness beauty of the sunset.

The I Love You arrangement
The I Love You arrangement

Maybe the time when I painted this one, I am ready to love again.

my and my niece best friends

For me, as long as you can see yourself in a piece of work, it’s already an ART.

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The Fundamental of Being a Person

It is not about the status in an economy that can determine what type of person he/she is, nor, an education of his/her parent attended. It is not the tangible possessions of the family have in order to be a successful individual. But these are the love, respect and discipline that the parent provided to their offspring.


I do not belong to a well-off family. My parents didn’t own hectares of land and they didn’t even finished their studies. My father was a former tricycle driver and my mother sells eggs in the market. It is our bread and butter ever since. In a small amount of income that my parents earned, no one can imagine how they able to send their seven children to school or even able to finished them to college. Yes, I am just a simple proud daughter of them.

When we were young I remembered how close the family was (or even now). Lived in a small house made up of nipa, bamboo, and coconut lumber. Lived in a simple life, no television, no internet or no any gadgets that most of us have right now. But I am thankful of being none of anything before because I experienced the strong bond of the family that mold me of what kind of person I am today. When we were young, the family ate meals together. I guess eating together is the best time to have  bond. My father is the strict type. He the wanted that no one of his children went out at night. But at night, it was our best time to talk. Shared stories wherein my father and our eldest brother had lots of funny stories and even if it were repeated many times, we still laughed (I don’t understand why. Haha).

It is true that life was not easy for us. I remembered when it was raining it also raining inside our house because the nipa cannot support heavy rain. Sometimes we made it a joke that it is better to stay outside because it has lighter rain than inside the house. I witnessed how our parent worked for us. When my brother started to study in college it became harder for my parent. My mother decided to have an extra income. She cooked foods and resale it. Helping each other until my brother finished his Bachelor’s Degree, and then my second brother, and then my third brother and then me and then my younger brother and now our youngest brother still building his path for his future career. My sister isn’t finished her college course, but when I asked why she didn’t pursue her studies, I was impressed her answer, “I am the second child of the family, I have five siblings and most of them are man that in the future they will be responsible for making bread for their respective family. I need to sacrifice for all of you“. As a good woman like her, she was lucky that she found a good husband, her sacrificed worth and now she enjoys to be a full-time wife and mother on her two smart kids.

Our Home ( Year 1990's - early Year 2000 )
Our Home ( Year 1990’s – early Year 2000 )

It is also normal that the family have conflicts. We also did about that. It was fixed. For me, love is the most important fundamental at home. Whatever challenges that the family experienced, it was easily overcome. At home, we need to have the full amount of love, the right amount of respect and discipline and put God at the center for every home. At home is the most influenced place for a person, of what and who he/she is right now…

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The Small Paradise, Where I Hide

God made the earth in all its best. From the amazing marine life in a huge part of the world up to the impressing wonders above the earth. From the thousands of hectares in Europe down to the islets of the Philippines. Yes, the “islets of the Philippines”, one of this islets where you can find my paradise.

Budyong Beach Resort

I consider my paradise as one of God’s best gift for his children. It is located at the northern tip of Cebu. Tourists love to have vacation here for it is characterized on its wonderful beaches. Its stunning long strip of sugary white sand that for sure made everyone to fall in love. You will appreciate the bouncing light of crystal clear sea water when the shine of the sun hit on it. And oh my God, if you are a romantic type of person like me, you must not miss the sunset in my paradise. Sometimes I imagined to be with my man, setting in a sand while watching the sunset. No talk, just enjoy watching the yellow-red-orange horizon while holding his hands. Maybe you already have a hint to what paradise I meant. Maybe you are right; Bantayan Island. Maybe you didn’t heard about Bantayan Island before the typhoon Haiyan hit the island. Yeah, I was there during the monster typhoon visited in my paradise. Maybe I can share to you my experience about the monster typhoon on my next, next post.

The Sunset
The Sunset

I experienced to live in a city before. City is really different from my home town. It is true that city is fun because of bars, malls and you can feel that you really live in a modern world, but trust me that it is more fun if you were with nature. City was crowded, noisy and people were always busy. Isn’t it weird to hear that I left my great job in City because of my heart left in my hometown? Yes, I did. Maybe others didn’t understand me why, but for me living is not only for having luxurious things and doings. For me living is simply just to live to where your heart wants to live. Maybe people are different and I respect the fact about it.

And now I enjoy the quietness, relaxed and a simple yet impressive beauty of my paradise.

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