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My First Comment in Write Practice


It was the time when I decided to take serious on my writing career. At first, I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have an idea to what I should write or how I start to write. I tried to read articles of some writers from the internet. From there I got more ideas about writings until I came across to an article that advised newbie to get involved in a community wherein writers sharing ideas and experiences. One of the best sites that I visited was “Write Practice”; it is a community of writing wherein writers share their ideas through comments.

This is how it works; an authorized writer posts an article (specifically on writing matters) in a Write Practice site and he/she encourages readers to post comments. Readers as well a writer also (for sure) shared their thoughts through comments (which you can get more and more ideas aside from the article that was posted). What I like this site most is that; they are not only giving techniques to others but also they encourage somebody to get involved, to learn and to gain self confident.

Since then, I became a stalker of this site :). Unbeknown by the other writers in write practice that I am their number one fan and they left me totally flabbergasted by their comments and writings. They shared great ideas and they are impressively open minded group of people. I was desperately wanted to get involved on the topics they taken up or talking about, but what procrastinated me most was my fear; fear for negative criticisms, fear that I might be the worst commentator on that site, and fear that I may write bad grammar.

Time came that I heard an echo from my soul that keeps reverberating, when Kellie McGann posted – The Biggest Secret To Becoming a Writer;
“Be courage! Get involved now!”
At this time I am trapped; trapped from my own thought. It might be justified to feel ashamed to myself if I do not act at this time. I might be totally hypocrite if I refused to listen from my thoughts.

Finally, I made a decision; “Yes, I will”.

My hyper fingers started to move.

Type… type… type… and then backspace.

Type… type… type… and then backspace again!

My gosh! I don’t know what I am going to comment or what I’m going to share. Again, I was attacked by insecurities.

“No! I shouldn’t be affected!”

But, what I should write? How am I going to start my sentence?

“Just be honest”.

That’s it! “Be honest”.

Ok then, I took a deep breath and I let my fingers moved. Let my heart be heard. After a while, here was the result:


Jean2 days ago

I am following write practice for more than a month
but didn’t have courage to post comments (even if how much I wanted to) because
I am not confident with my grammar. Your post “But
being the best writer is not about knowing all the grammar and having the best
prose. It is about hard
work and never
giving up,” – made me
realized that writers were also experienced in grammar trouble when they were
started but they never gave up that made them successful. Also making friends in community of writers
will be impossible if I let myself hide in a community where I joined. How can I
call myself “writer” if I have fear to be the one of them? What touches me most
is “I see the world through the eyes of a writer, and so do you”, this is what I
wanted to be; being seen my world because of my writings, (maybe someday, I am).
Thank you Kellie, really inspired me.

I can relate to what you shared. That was me! Anyway, I decided to put a little more effort into it, so I could feel confident. I took a copyediting course, which was really helpful; plus, I got to learn from a seasoned professional that really knew what they were doing. Now, I can’t say because I took that course or read up on grammar and punctuation that I’m perfect and never make a mess, because that would be untrue. That’s when I have to remember that writing for me is more than just the mechanics. Writing is an extra limb that I could no more do without than the air I breathe. So I laugh it off, make corrections where need be, and keep writing.

Thomas Furmato Jean2 days ago

Jean don’t let yourself stand in the way. You’ll always have limitations of time and talent, but don’t let that stop you from seeking more time, or improving your talents. Being a writer is one of the best occupations (even unpaid) that we can aspire to. Keep in mind that God chose it to give us his message.

Jean Thomas Furmato2 days ago

You are right. Thank you for reminding me about His Grace Thomas. 🙂

Kellie McGann Jean2 days ago

Jean, be encouraged. I am seriously terrible at grammar. You’ll learn in time, and maybe not, but that’s what editors are for. 🙂
Thank you for commenting, keep doing it!

I was really surprised when I received respondents! It is true that the persons who understand you, are the persons who are like you. Be with the people who have the same path of you. Be with the people who are not only teaching you technically but most importantly, who are willing to teach on how to develop your self-esteem.

Once Mr. Bigman told me; “Start it in yourself”.

I knew what he meant; start it by gaining your self confidence.



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

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