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What My Heart Yelling

I found myself looking blankly of nowhere.


Silently, I am embracing the pain that my heart which is slowly breaking. I can’t help myself to stay away from being pessimist, which I’ve been struggling lately. I am frightened about of dark cloud slowly covering the little light of hope. My breath is combating from the tightening of my throat. I am fighting my tears back which desperately wanted to come out. I am now struggling from the playful characteristic of confusion.

I can’t help myself to stop thinking if he is just part of my illusions. I am afraid of the changes he shown to me. I feel rejected that broke my heart so badly…

Suddenly, I heard a whisper; a whisper from my soul. It encourages me to step back from my negative imaginations. It reminds me to be vigilant of my flaws; of being too sensitive. It slowly came towards me and shields my whole thoughts. It’s trying to resist the negative feelings that playing inside of me and trying to turn it into more affirmatives sensations.

Certainly, I realize what my heart was yelling; it is simply a sweet caress; a caress from him and my heart will be at rest.



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

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