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A Lonely Heart


A Lonely Heart

A lonely heart

A teary eye

…drop one… two… three and four

Breathe deep so that slippery liquid from nose won’t fall

Bite your lips so that nobody can hear your cry…

Tightened throat… can’t understand why…

Let the drama plays in this gloomy lonely room

Stop pretending that you are strong

Writing is not enough

For convincing yourself that you are tough

Please excuse me for a moment

I need to be with my inner self

This lonely heart

Needs love… and not lust…

Drop one… two… three and four…

If drops of tears can ease the pain

I wish they could be as heavy as the rain!

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By His Modest Grace


By His Modest Grace

Why frets about the future, if you have faith?
Why keep sorry about the past, if it wasn’t meant to be yours?
Why aiming for revenge, if everybody isn’t perfect?
And why you can’t relinquish, if you value yourself?
What if the sun rises in west?
-Does the future care to exist?
What if fishes live in tress?
-Were they cheer on their dying scales?
What if God doesn’t have a plan to forgive our sins?
-Could he think to send His only Son to save the sinners?
And what if it is your last day on earth?
-Were you eager to capitulate yourself?
Why not embracing grace instead of ceasing faith?
Why not welcome new blessings instead of looking back of what was left?
Why not forgiveness instead of stressing yourself for revenge?
And why not self-happiness instead of self-punishment?
God offers us an unending Grace; embrace it!
God is so generous for blessings; acknowledge it!
God is so humble to forgive you; share it!
And obviously HE LOVES you; and WHY NOT YOU…? in YOURSELF…?
  – Jeanix Angel –
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Poem#5 – Forgiveness



Most of you undervalue my power,
My power to heal,
My power to shepherd into happiness,
And my power to love a foe.
I am the ultimate rival of ego,
Envelopes by pain,
Secretes by the word “forget”,
And procrastinates by time.
I beg you to open your door for me,
Let me shelter in your heart,
Rest in your soul,
And clean your confused mind.
I promise I am not a burden for you,
Guarantee you the peace you’re seeking,
A medic of your broken heart,
And a carpenter of devastated trust.
I am light,
I am humble,
I am simply a three-syllable-word…
-Forgiveness is my name.
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Poem#4 – Pen-of-Life

Pen of Life

If I only have a control of my pen-of-life

Maybe, I could write all wonderful things for myself,

An immeasurable wealthiness,

An unending fame

Or a delightful love story.

If I would given a chance to use the pen-of-life

Maybe, I could erase those unpleasant memories,

Those people who hurt me

Those uncontrollable woes,

And those hurtful heartbreaks.

If I insists myself to write about my own life

Maybe, I wouldn’t taste the sweetness and bitterness of living,

The success after the hardship,

The lessons after the mistakes,

And the unconditional love after the heartbreaks.

If He let me handle this pen-of-life,

Maybe, I wouldn’t have a chance to know Him,

His purpose

His Grace,

And His Love…

I surrender myself to You…

Heal me…

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Without any reason, he surprisingly came in your life. It was the time when your heart was at rest. His nectar-tip-tongue tried to awaken your sleeping heart. He showered you with his sweet-bitter words which enough for you to respond his convincing invitation.
Finally, he succeeds!

Your heart was eventually awakened from the long period of sleeping.

At last, you decided to loosen the grip of your hand; you let your brittle self to fall. You were ready to devote your trust again. You were willing to impart the love that was frozen. And you were eager to love and get hurt or whatever this love will take.

Everything was awesome!

Promises were built with an impregnable integrity. Immeasurable happiness when you founded your dreams together. And all of the sudden… the overflowing of love has been spoken by your eyes.

And then, here comes the FEAR; the fear of losing him…

This fear knocked into your irreproachable soul. It drove you in hazardous confusion. It enjoyed your weakness and it finally touched
the fragile “trust”.

-And this fear finally accomplished its mission; to destroy the happiness that you have.

You found yourself in a greatest grief. Unconsciously, you pushed him away from you. You lost him and there’s no chance for you to get him back.

Even thought how many times you admit how weak you were, the damaged has been done.

You yearned to hide in a place, where in pain cannot penetrate. A
twinge of a broken heart yelled for a tranquilizer, at least to ease the pain… even just a moment. .

But, you need to wake up and face the truth!

-You are not a carrot that you can bloom your beauty under the ground. Broken heart is not a physical pain that can be cure by a modernized tranquilizer; instead, it’s an emotional pain that be cure only by you.

Respect yourself at the moment. If it feels hurt, let it feel. If you wanted to cry, let your tears flow until you will get puppy eyes. If you like to scream, then scream at your utmost strength.

Maybe at this moment you don’t know how to begin again. You don’t understand what happening or why is it happen after everything. But the sun promised you that it shines and set for you, until you find another new beginning.

Hear His Words:

1 Peter 2:24New International Version (NIV)

24 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”

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i just wanted to shout

I don’t know. I don’t know. Why is this happened? Why is it so hurt? Why?
I hate it…. I hate it…..

I hate why I let myself to fall…..

I was so emotional last days because he didn’t contact me again and then now he just came back he smashed my heart… so much!

If he only knew how much it was so hard for me when he left me without saying anything. Why he didn’t listen to me? Why he close his mind? Why ????

It was a miscommunication. But why? Why he broke my heart so badly? And why it is so hurt?

If only a person really love you, he knows to listen, he knows to considerate and he will never give up. He knows the solution is not break up… He never let a miscommunication lost you…

I don’t know what to do… It is just so……. Hurtttt….