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The Chain


The Chain

What is trust?

What is faith?

What is hope?

What if I invest them all?

Can I gain love?

What has in love?

Why I am looking for it?

Why she cries for it?

Why you got hurt because of it?

What if I will close my heart for it?

Can I acquire joy in my life?

What has in joy?

Why not just happiness?

Why not just fun?

Why not just having a good time?

What if I am just contended to have happiness, fun, and having a good time?

Can I feel that I am really living?

What really the real meaning of the word “living”?

Isn’t it can’t just justify that you are breathing?

Isn’t it can’t just show that you are moving?

Isn’t it can’t just prove that you are thinking?

What if I will live by the thought of other people on how I should live my life?

Can I have a chance to know “me”?


Yes it’s me

It’s me who know how I am going to live my life

It’s me who choose that God should be the master of my fate

It’s me who should experience the real taste of life

Life doesn’t need a formula on how you are going to live it

Do not let other people drive a life for you

Because once you do

It’s not “you” anymore

It’s “them”!

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A Poet


A Poet

I dreamed to be a poet

A poet whose words will not fade

A poet who can change someone’s fate

I dreamed to be a poet

A poet who can dig the deepest core of her thoughts

A poet who can paint emotions by her words

I dreamed to be a poet

Like them who can make simple words powerful

Like them who can grave someone’s soul

I dreamed to be a poet

This is the reason why I keep making poems

This is the reason why I keep reading poems

I dreamed to be a poet

Because I love to be with amazing poets

Because I admire those gifted poets

I dreamed to be a poet

Because this is what I feel to become

Because this is the path He asked me walk with

I dreamed to be a poet

Someday I will

Someday my words are worth to remember

Someday a dream becomes real!

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Sunset’s Secret Admirer


Sunset’s Secret Admirer

Staring in a romantic horizon

Along the western side of the hemisphere

Wondering if how’s that stunning sunset

Expressing its feelings

Wondering why its wordless expression

Can touch viewer’s heart and soul

Wondering why it made me

To fall in love on its humble beauty

I am powerless to defy

From its peaceful articulation

Instead, it’s tempted me

To play my fantastic imagination

That someday or somehow

The sun finds its bride

And it’s should me

Together rise and set everyday!

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My Friend Lizard’s Time

Its 10:37pm at GMT+08 times

Still no ideas on my head

But I like to challenge myself

To create something

I don’t know what it is

Just let the fingers move

And follow what my mind dictates

Whatever this piece at the end

It is not me to be blame

But it’s my brain

Turned off the light

And urrgggg!

Lizard defecating on my head

The smell is ewwww…

And wewwewwewew of a mosquito

Over my ears

Not sure if she’s laughing

Or she’s just singing

Whatever it is I don’t care

I need to go to faucet

And wash a little water on my hair

My friend lizard thought

That my head is a toilet

I’ll be back and later I will make a poem with a sense

I wish! 😀

Its 10:53 pm at GMT+08 times

i dont know wheres the lizard

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Life to Death – Why Am I Here?


Just this day I attended the burial ceremony of a person nearest to me. I let my deep down grief wordless for her sudden deceased.

I didn’t control my curiosity which I was tempted to ask myself;

“Why do we live if we still die?”

“What is life after death?”

“Is spirit is real?”

I tried to drench over my entire thoughts. In the journey of drenching myself into the deepest part of my curiosity, another question pirating the innocent cerebrum of mine;

“Why am I here?”

At this time, it sounds so personal because I suddenly specifically referring to myself. It is hard to figure out why am I really here? Providing the straightforward answer is an arduous task for it compromise between divinity and humanity. We have to admit that, we, as human beings were still tried to penetrate the massive wall of curiosity about life and death, about the existence of spirit after death and about which part of the hemisphere did the hell and heaven can be found. But, did we try to ask ourselves why we are here?

For twenty-seven years of combating about life over this dubious humankind, I encountered different concepts about life and death. Those concepts were obfuscated due to the collision between the spiritual and the scientific point-of-views. You knew that it is hellacious to point out who is right and who is wrong.

But at this moment, I am currently living; currently founding memories of myself for the people around me. My laugh, my love, my voice, my tears, my stupidity, my screams, and everything about me, either goodness or badness, were all silently creating memories on the unconscious part of themselves. If someday, this tangible soul of mine surrendered to where it should be place, my memories were already rooted on their heart and mind.

As of now, I should say I am here because I’ve given a chance for yielding my memories to someone around me. But I knew it is not the real reason why I am here. My purpose in this world is still unknown… and it still uncertain if when I able to find the answer…

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The Seekers

The Seekers

The Seekers

We seek for success

We seek for love

We seek for forgiveness

And we seek for bliss

Yes, we are seekers!

But we are not completely seekers

Because we frightened seeking failures

We frightened seeking heartbreaks

We frightened seeking retributions

And we frightened seeking misery

Thus, why should we?

Simply because…

Sometimes we need them…

For us to feel that we’re totally living!

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A Letter from Marriage


A Letter from Marriage

Dear God,

Once they called me sacred

Coz of my unique power for covenant

Once they glorified me for my dignity

Coz I was solid and strong

Once they celebrated my day

Coz I gave them home

Then wisdom of my masters escalates

 They became too clever

To forget my existence

They became too tough

To dishonor my importance

And they became too brave

To seek for my weakness

And now I feel the lump over my throat

My heart silently breaking a part

Goosebumps penetrates my soul

And soundless shouts wish to be heard

Screaming to save me

From the accusable thoughts

I was charge for being guilty

For driving my masters for committing sin

I was sentenced like a murderer

And I was forced to marry

To my new unloved husband named “Divorce…”

Asking for your empathy,


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Nominated for a Liebster Award!!!!


Hi fellas! I received music to my ears from MyMemoirs yesterday! I should say thank you to MyMemoirs for nominating me in Liebster Award.

I extremely feel honoured at this moment. I didn’t expect to be nominated though. By the way, you can join MyMemoirs’s journey by checking him out here. For sure, you will enjoy his daily piece…

Rules for Liebster Award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer

Here are my 10 questions to answer:

  1. Why are you blogging?

I’m blogging because I need to have a best place for my thoughts and feelings. I need to have another medium that I can express them freely. I enjoy. I learned. And most importantly I meet more friendly fellas in blogsphere.

  1. For those who haven’t encountered your website before, how would you summarise your website in a sentence or two?

By the name itself “The Tunnel of Thoughts” is a website wherein an author likes to bring you on her world of thoughts at the moment, her feelings at the moment and a website which invites you to visits the author’s world. She offers you a strike from the heart poetries (I hope I did 😀 ) and thoughtful creative writings which possibly can connects into someone’s self.

  1. What you would say is the most important aspect of life and why? If you cannot think of just one, give a few 🙂

It starts with a letter “G”… a Guy. LOL…. 😀 . Seriously it’s God. Life without God is like a house without occupants.

  1. For what you currently blog about, are you planning on blogging about other stuff as well? If so, what?

Currently I am blogging about myself; about my current feeling, about my hopeless romantic love journey and about my ups and downs in life. There are some cases that I used to write other stuffs like a short story entitled “The Goldfish and the Lion”. Was really embarrassing because I promised to write that short story episode by episode but it wasn’t happened. I only wrote the first episode. Anyways, I still have a plan to finish that short story but at this moment or moments coming I need to be with my inner-self first. J

  1. What would you say is your favourite cuisine?

I would say I love all Filipino cuisine, haha! Coz I am. I guess, I prefer savoury tastes of foods. And ohww…before I forget to say, “I love rice “.

  1. How would you describe your time at school? Did you enjoy it? What were your favourite subjects? If you are at school, then change the tense to present =P hehe

I was just a normal student. Not an achiever, nor the weakest. I experienced sneaking on my classmate’s paper, making homework at school, asking a piece of paper from classmates during exam. Cutting classes? Sometimes. 😀 . My favourite subjects were Algebra, Physics, and Biology. I love playing my brain that is why.

  1. What, in your opinion, is the best blog post you’ve made? If you cannot think of one, give a few 🙂

For me my best blog I made is “What Life Offers to me?” It was my first time to screw up the innermost of myself. It is a blog which introduced me or awaken me that I need to dig deep because what I have right now in my thoughts were not enough. There were still lots of echoes inside my heart that I need to listen or I need to figure out. And because of this blog, I discovered myself that “I can feel to write” than “I knew how to write”.

  1. Is there something about you that not many people know about? It can be a very simple thing. Like for example, for me, i am very good at knocking into people when i’m walking on the streets xD very embarrassing ;P

Hmmnn… maybe people should know that I have an extended invisible octopus fingers. Haha! I’m not sure how to describe it but here is an example: there were times or most of the time I accidentally hit a glass of water that was placed besides my hand. So when I go with you in a store that full of glasses be sure that you bring extra cash for paying possible damages because my extended invisible octopus fingers were powerful; they magnetized glasses. 😀

  1. What is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator? If you don’t know what that is, take the test here!

Gottcha! I am “The Campaingner!”

Personality: ENFP (“The Campaigner”) Variant: Turbulent  Role: DiplomatJ .

It’s true! 😀

  1.  What do you like doing in your free time? Ok, DON’T say blogging xD, i know it’s tempting to say that =P

😀 ! Luckily you warned me! That was what I supposed to say! 😀 . Anyways, aside from staying here at home and do blogging/writing and reading, I mostly go and chat with my fabulous funny talkative sister. We do cooking, gardening or sometimes having beauty moment. 🙂

My nominees:

  1. Diannes World
  2. Crazy Life
  3. Poem
  4. James Fielden
  5. A thought of Mind
  6. The falling Thoughts
  7. Sheila Sea
  8. Simply Marquessa

Hey guys, here are my questions:

  1. Who is your favourite blogger? Why?
  2. Which do you prefer to read? Fiction or nonfiction?
  3. How long you been in writing?
  4. What influence you to do so (blogging/writing)?
  5. Water? Or Tea?
  6. Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert?
  7. If I am going to be an instant billionaire tomorrow, where in the Philippines you would like to go? Why? (Don’t worry about the expenses, I will shoulder all, first class.: D )
  8. City lover? Or on Nature? Why?
  9. What is your unforgettable experience?
  10. I love this question which originally from MyMemoirs; what is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator? If you don’t know what that is, take the test here!
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I am a stray soul
Who isn’t sure about my direction
I am a seeker
Who isn’t know what I am seeking for
I am a fighter
Who never taste the sweetness of victory
I am a loner
Who were afraid of being alone
I am simply a complicated human being
Who sometimes can’t resists complications…
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Writer’s Block to Bloggers Saved!

Writer’s block. I am suffering writer’s block these past days. A pondering mind of mine was so slaked. Can’t even think of what I should write; either I focus on my my memoir entries? thoughts, musings, and storytelling? What about poems? What about intentions, aspirations, dreams and cupidity?

Aaaaaaa! Haihaino! Whattaa crazy life! I guess I need some help from Nurse Kelly!

A thought of mind were fighting against what has the feels inside. Perhaps, I need to be like water for me to easily enter the tunnel of thoughts; for me to discover the the hidden prestige of a novel by Joseph Suglia, or perhaps, the lightning books by agmoye, or by fortune, able to experience by having the eye of the the foureyed poet.

I guess, by taking the mask off, maybe I can be different buddy. Maybe, I can save the falling thoughts of my personal self perfection. Can able to say the things we never say in the wise vice. Or to be lucky, let’s talk about the L word with the ugly duckling in Deanne’s world . Maybe, her world is like purples lob in recovery. Do Mr. TooklesSusanne Leist and Asteway Gattew live in her world too? If that so, maybe they already knew Sheila Sea, John Coyote,James Fielden, Richard Ankers and David Snape and friends. That would be so exciting to be there too! Like a mama cravings for Lynz real cooking. I wasn’t there yet, but I wanted to know if when I’m back again in her world!

Who can able to tell me that I can be there in life laughs and chaos? Does Horus, the Astro-Palmist can help me? Or just simply Marquessa and Shaktiki Sharma can.

Well anyways, by slowing down to speed may lessen the momentary lapse of sanity until there’s a touch of my saint by living for Jesus Christ alone.

Breathing now. Writing now.

Smiles here & Smiles there


Where to next?