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A 27-year-old lady who isn’t married yet?

What do you think about a 27-year-old lady who isn’t married yet?


Family, relatives, friends, old friends, new friends, colleagues, former colleagues; all of them had the same questions:

“When are you going to get married?”

Or worst…

“Why aren’t you married yet?”

Those interrogates were honestly so irritating. Am I really obliged to explain to them why?

Ok fine. If they are too lucky to open my website, then they will know;

One to two year old – I was too busy learning to walk and talk. I didn’t have time to search for a husband yet.

Three to five years old – I love my dolls. I was too busy changing her clothes. Washing her clothes and prepared her meals. She was a kind of a jealous type.

Six to Seven years old– I was too busy learning on how to read and write. How can I read and sign the marriage contract in the future if I can’t?

Eight to ten years old- teachers gave us too much projects. Gosh! From the Filipino subject to History subject, do you think I can still have a time for searching a man?

Eleven to twelve– High school lives was really fun! Who among you here like to be with your friends when you’re bf/gf stalking to you? It’s more fun to have fun if you are free! No trust to break. No “unfaithful” word to say.

Thirteen to nineteen years old– teenage life is a time breaker life. Parents must have an eagle eye for their children. So my parents did. If they say “no to party”, it must be “no.” If they say “stay at home”, it must be “stay”. If they say “come directly to home after the class”, then “must come early”. “study first and no to boyfriend”, then “study and no to boyfriend”. Anyway, no regrets with those commands, I am here now finished my studies because of an eagle-eyed-parents.

Twenty to twenty three years old– Oh-oh… I was too busy spending time with first boyfriend. Three years for the sake of love. Three years he procrastinated my time of a fake love of him.

Twenty four to twenty five years old– I need to move on first, before I need to search for a new man. I loved him and it was not easy for me to move on. I don’t want to have another man for me to forget the old one. It is going to be unfair to a new one. I had a wrong significance of moving on; I used to believe that “forget” then you able to “forgive” a person. I found out that the more I wanted to “forget”, the more I remember the pain, and the more I felt hate. Then I realized that I need to “forgive” first so that I will able to “forget” a person. And it was successful.

Twenty-six to twenty-seven years old– Searching. Yes, searching. What’s wrong about a two-year- searching? 🙂 .

Their ears are so wide for me to sing about my romantic life, but the more they wanted to know, the more I love zipping my mouth. Everybody is on the eye on my love life.

So every time I received those interrogates…

They also received the same white-lie-answers (PS: this is a pure constructive excuse. I love to have a husband of course. 🙂 );

“Relax. I do not have a plan to get married. I just wanted to have a child but not to have a husband.”

And I always left them with a sluggish-unbelievable face.

— Please excuse me for my post this night. The excuses. LOL. Just sharing. 🙂 —



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

12 thoughts on “A 27-year-old lady who isn’t married yet?

  1. O boy, just have fun, live the present, live your life, I say again: your life, enjoy and date or not, just enjoy and when you least expect it someone will come your way. In my experience is that the more you search you stress yourself and eventually cling to someone just for the sake of saying that you´re married and not really be happy, so just live woman live! Enjoy, and as I said, when you least expect it, maybe the man of your dreams comes your way.

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