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Justice for a Chick (Day 1 Writing 201: Poetry)

First assignment from Writing 201: Poetry

Day 1: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

Justice for a Chick

Silky silver screen

Made a cute chick to scream

Does she ask feeds? Or freedom?!


Man choose to be blind

From the truth why chick chucks

From that silky silver screen


Because him by himself

Doesn’t know what freedom is

Poor man! For not being a chick!

I don’t know. Hehe! This is my first time to join. I’m pretty sure that I will learn a lot from this short course.

Okay, I guess I need to do bits of confessions here;

First, I didn’t know what a word “haiku” is. 😀 . Sorry, I just didn’t know. I read it from other articles but didn’t have an interest to know so. Sometimes I am a hip-hop reader; if I don’t understand the word then move on, but it only sometimes and not all the time. 😀

Secondly, the word “Alliteration” is new for me. This word is an absolutely new for me. I can’t remember if I already met that word before or not. Or, perhaps I already met this word before but didn’t stock on my vocabulary because this word was a victim for being a hip-hop reader. 😀 . I am not a professional writer, yeah, nor a journalist, or didn’t even have a degree in writing so I guess you do understand. Haha!

This assignment introduced me new words for me; Haiku and Alliteration.

Lastly, when I’m making the first assignment I asked some help from my little friendly fingers. I was looked like a child who’s starts learning addition. Counting, counting and counting. 🙂

-it must be three separate haiku-

At last! I made it! (My first assignment from Writing 201: Poetry)



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