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Old Poems


I had a second attempt to write something but were all stop. I guess too much traffic inside the circuit of my brain. So I stopped. Therefore, I decided to recall some poems that I made ten years ago. 😀 . These poems were all written in a piece of notebook but also gone. Luckily I pasted these two poems in some part of my cerebrum. A confession; a bit of embarrassment about this poem, some of words are eeewww… lol… but no choice, it is what it was. 🙂

For Many Times

For many times I count our wonderful days

The happiest moment that no one can says

For the cares and love that we shares

And the importance of friendship that I really cares


For many times we have a chaos

And thought that our friendship will not continues

But within my heart, no one who knows

That my really wish is our friendship will re-close


For many times you hurt me

But drops of tears you never see

And I don’t want you to hurt someday

I sorry what might I say…

Ps: I have a feeling that there’s a single stanza that’s missing. I can’t recall what it is. 😦

The second poem is written in our native language (Tagalog). I wrote this poem because our teacher asked us to write something about industrialization. No translation because it is going to be hard for me. Hehehe! But l promise to have a little explanation at the bottom of the poem.

(Sorry, I forgot the Title)

Ang industriyalisasyon ay ating suriin

Masamang naidulot ay dapat ding isipin

Di lang isaisip kung paano paularin

Sapagkat ito rin ay mauuwi sa atin


Bansa sa Asya tulad ng Thailand at Malaysia

Kasama ang India, Sri Lanka at Indonesia

Sa malaking tsunami ay nagging biktima

Global warming daw ang dahilan ayon sa iba


Mga bansang umaasa sa indastriyalisyon

Di nila naisip ang dulot na pulosyon

Lahat ng bansa ay gustong umahon

Pagiging indastriyalisado daw ang solusyon


Kapag lahat ng bansa ay ditto aasa

Ano pa kaya ang mangyayari sa ekonomiya?

Ang tsunami ba ay babalik pa?

O di lang tsunami, kundi higit pa?!

The poem was talking about industrialization (obviously). Being an industrialized country is blessed because expectedly it is growing or wealthy. Most countries tried hard to be industrialized, of course everybody aiming to be. The poem asked “do they realized what the effect is if all countries are all depends on industrialization?” “Do they consider the Global Warming?” The poem also mentioned about the five countries who experienced the wrath of tsunami last 2004 or 2005 (I exactly doesn’t knew if what was the cause of tsunami, I was just making my project. 😀 .) At the last stanza the poem expressed its fear; “what if all countries depend on industrialization? Is it possible that tsunami will come again or not only tsunami but more that!” (I guess one of the effect of global warming was the typhoon Yolanda hits our country last 2013.It was totally terrible, because I was there in the eye of the typhoon.)

Recalling your past guides your confusing feet to what path you should walk. Time will bring you back to where you should. After ten years, now I walk again in a path of poems. I have no strength to resist; therefore I should walk with them. I loved. I enjoyed. And I satisfied.



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

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