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Unrecognized Love

Unrecognized Love

Making poems

Looking for something to ease

The pain inside

Doesn’t even sure where it hides

Loneliness I guess

For what?!

For being loveless?

Maybe it’s not

Your are full love

Only not recognized!


Hey guys, I found new community for poets. This is a new community developed by one of gifted poets from Writing201: Poetry; Sam. We’re currently inviting poets to join. 🙂

“ A Forum where you can write >>

(You have to Register yourself with / login with your Facebook Id to get in and participate in the forums)
A Virtual Room where you can Meet & Greet >>
(Instruction to enter the room –
Write you screen name in Word press/ or whatever you want us to call you.
Choose a perfect color that you want your name to glow with.
And then type this Password poet201 .
& voilà you are there! )” – Sam

See you there!



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

17 thoughts on “Unrecognized Love

  1. I do and now that I have separated my posts I can easily pull many out and publish though I think some of my tips are in other categories and I will look them over early this week.

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  2. I was a journalist in both HS and college. I wrote things for myself and until the end of May I had not in a very long time. I would like to have a job of some sort writing as I would enjoy it. 🙂

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  3. 😀 … since before i love writing, i supposed to take journalism in college but since i am thinking the demand job in market i took accounting. but still my love in writing is still here i just back doing it… maybe i will just earn experience and educate myself through free crash courses in wordpress.. 🙂

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  4. Oh OK, so your course was pretty much a crash course. There are other students taking classes. I would have to loot at types and how to but writing can be just thought, deep, simple and/or multiple meaning. I would like to write in different form at times and then I dress it up and speak. I am surprised I have had a good 40 poets, old school follow me in the past 10 days. It is pretty fun.

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  5. It was just 10 days, hehe! not really a formal class but it educates me well in poetry.. My real name is Jeanilyn. My name is really common here, since i was elementary till college i always have the same name. But the spelling of my name is different from them…

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  6. I saw by your works the uniformity in it. Where I live college starts as early as mid August and as late as first week of September and it ends in December give or take a week.

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  7. Thank you . Even though i troubled with grammar? lol.. Yeah, it’s a free class in wordpress, poetry and it helped me a lot to improve my works… I really enjoyed. But the class was already ended last week.

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  8. All of you work is very good. It is always entertaining. I know you are taking classes. I mentioned earlier I hope you stay around. It keeps us old timers on our toes 😉


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