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The Story about Writing

Day 1: Writing 101

Prompt: Why do I Write

The Story about Writing


If you ask me why am I writing

Perhaps, you will crack a laugh at me darling

What if I will tell you that it’s a call

Perhaps, you will think that I’m a fool


Here’s the story darling

For us to stop from being craving

On how this writing born in me

And became my lovely hobby


It was started with a silence

A silence which made my ears deaf

Piercing to where it originates

Was impossible for me to perceive


Then here comes a voice

It was a droning voice

It reverberated inside me

And demanding for me to express


“No! No! No! Not me!”

“I’m afraid to exude it verbally” I said

It was the time when writing and I

Didn’t know each other yet….

Ten years ago, the pen and paper met. A “master” is what I called myself, opened a door for them. It was an intimate relationship between pen and paper. Every time the pen kissed the sensitive lips of a paper, it formed another sensation which paper can’t resist. The master enjoyed its fruits from their intimate romance. The silence found its mellifluous melody, and the voice been heard, been expressed and found its resting place. Those words which were considered as the fruit of love, gave the master in peace.

Sadly, after a year, the master forgot what happened to pen and paper, because she became so busy of different stuffs. She never heard them again and also the fruits of their love were also gone.

Just this year 2015, the master heard a voice, (no, not literally a “voice”). It was like feeling that you’ve been called because this is your path. It was a feeling that you don’t understand “why”, yet you have no choice but to walk. Though it was so uncertain what’s awaits you at the end, but you still keep on walking. It was a called of “faith”. It was a faith who thought her to hear the voice inside her and generate it into words. It was a faith who gave her strength to keep going.

By that the “The Tunnel of Thoughts” created.

I write

Because I’m seeking the exact words to express my current feeling

I write

Because it gives freedom to inner voice


I write

Because thoughts must have a tunnel to express…



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

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