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The Redemption of Chaturanga

Day 4: Writing 101

Prompt: A Story in a Single Image

the woman in the woods

The Redemption of Chaturanga

I submitted myself to the marvelous beat of my feet against the ground. I didn’t care about the pain that caused by the leaves and twigs which slapped on my face and body. I didn’t care about the dead branches and dry leaves which tried to lessen my speed. All I wanted to do is to run… run… and run…

I ran through the woods until I reached the middle of the forest. I stopped. My breathing hitched in my throat. I can hear the fast beat of my heart, as fast as it can. And I feel the sweats all over my body.

My knees liked to surrender, and then I found a huge dead tree on my right side. I sit and again, sentimentally, the sorrows envelopes my whole thoughts; the shadows of the trees became my protector; they can hide me from the world of undesirable characters of humans.

Yes, these trees can protect me, yet, they do not have the power to cure the sorrows that gnawing inside.

Children were afraid of me, elders accused me that I am the demon of this place or that I am the cursed, and teen-ages always teasing me with laugh and called me with different undesirable names.

It was hurt. Pain. Too much pain. I felt so unwelcome. I am so tired; tired of running. Tired of hiding. And I am so tired of insisting myself to the world where my haters are. I am so tired about the life I have; the life that I been fighting for seventeen years.

Yes, I am looked like a normal human, if the scarf is over my head. But, if I take it out, maybe you also laugh for my large-blue-ears; as large as Peter Pan has. If you ask me why I got this large-blue-ears, sorry, I do not have the answer. The answer is still unknown.

Suddenly, a quick spark of light illuminated the pupil of my eyes. I didn’t have an idea to where it came from. My sense of curiosity started to play; at least it let me twist the negatives that were playing on my thoughts.

I get up and walk gradually; to search if where that quick light did came from. Aside from sounds of different creatures in a forest, I also heard the crunchy sounds of dry leaves every time my feet reached the ground.

The mellifluous sound of the river invited me to come closer to her. Now, I can see my reflection from the clear water of this gracious river.

Why is it only my aunt and my uncles appreciate the beauty I posses; A pair of slender eyebrow look down on my sweeping eyelashes, my ocean blue eyes in a perfect proportion of a straight – edged shape nose and a heart shaped lips with a set of shinny hallow white teeth. And…and a blue scarf which covered my head.

I slowly twist the blue scarf to uncover my head. My long chestnut brown wavy hair bounced over my shoulder.

“I am so beautiful,” I praised myself.

I then smiled and a pair of small dimples beside my lips revealed. And then… my blue-large-ears looked powerful… yet, it ruined my beauty. With this consciousness, it faded the smile I wore a moment ago. It was replaced with a mournful presence.

And again, I am now in the middle of my woes…


This is just a sneak about the book I currently writing; The Redemption of Chaturanga. But I’m not sure if can finish this one. Haha. Because I don’t know how… 😀




I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

9 thoughts on “The Redemption of Chaturanga

  1. This is great! I laughed when you wrote “I’m not sure if can finish this one. Haha. Because I don’t know how.” I know just how you feel. I hope you find a way to continue and finish this.

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