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Be My Coffee Buddy

Day 11: Writing 101

Prompt: Update Your Readers over a Cup of Coffee


Be My Coffee Buddy


If we were having a coffee right now

Perhaps you wonder why I didn’t talk

If you insist to talk with me

I will beg you to shut your mouth

I don’t want you to walk away too

I just wanted you to stay with me

While stirring and sipping the black coffee

I knew you wanted to know why


I just love the silence at this time

After I feel so upset this day

I want you to stay with me

To be with the silence and your presence

But don’t be worry

After we were having a coffee

Everything will be ok my buddy…



Is it insane to challenge yourself posting daily poetry and it really fells sucks? I’ve been posting poetry in daily basis for almost two months and I should stand for it. Now, that I have another blog, I also challenge myself to post daily short piece, and to be honest posting poetry and article daily were not easy. I’m afraid to be running out of words someday. 😀



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– I made another blog (kindly click here – Miscellaneousjean ) for my posts other than poetry. I posted here more on inspiration with less than three hundred words. This is my learning blog and I will appreciate all your comments or if you like to follow then I’ll be happy for that. 🙂 Thank you… *hugs-



I am a simple girl who lives on a peaceful island in the Philippines. I am the passionate author of “The Tunnel of Thoughts” and my newly created blog "Miscellaneousjean". I simply love writing, just like you.

19 thoughts on “Be My Coffee Buddy

  1. DAMN….This is fine poetry B-)
    P.S……..just saw your post cuz I received a notification that “jeanixangel” favorited my “About the author” page…and I was like…
    Damn…Such a hot girl,she even visited my blog page-favorited it….How come she didn’t send me a request to my facebook then…. xD

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