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A Letter for Mr. President of Mexico

Day 12: Writing 101

Prompt: Critique a Piece of Work


A Letter for Mr. President of Mexico


Dear Mr. President of Mexico,


I supposed to give critique

To an article about the APEC

But when I spotted

Your image while I was searching

I can’t help myself

To cease from being giggled

Am I sound disrespect?

I hope you forgave me Mr. President

I just admired the beauty you possessed

God is so good for you

For giving those blessings in your hand

Brain, heart, family, and all good fortune

He packed it for you all

Just keep those beautiful eyes open

To see that justice must be fair

Just keep those kissable lips talk

To speak with integrity to all

Just keep those ears clear

To hear what people screamed for

Just keep your brain open

To give door to others

And most of all

Just keep your heart soft

To feel who needed you most

Mr. President,

I should also say thank you to you

Because the truth is

I don’t understand what’s all about an APEC is

By writing to you

I’ve got an excuse to skip my assignment for this day


Your secret admirer,

Ms. Ordinary Girl


 Sorry. I am out of the path again. Haha!

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