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This could be the End

This could be the End


I don’t care if my eyes are pretty

I don’t care if my hair is nice and long

I don’t care if I am  sexy

I don’t care if I have great sense of humor

I don’t care if I am smart

And I don’t care if I am genuine and caring

Because those words I heard made me think about falling in love…


I don’t want to hear the crunchy sounds of my breaking heart

I don’t want to wear the sadness on my eyes

I don’t want to taste the saltiness of my tears

I don’t want to smell the pain of my past

I don’t want to feel the dagger which cut my heart into pieces

And I don’t want to fall in love again

Because falling in love causes everything I why I feel those pains…


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Precious tears over my eyelids

What inspire you to show your presence

Is there something wrong inside?

Or it’s just because of the sadness strikes?


Sadness inside my heart

Why you love staying with me?

Am I giving you a priority?

Or you’re just thought that I am a sweet buddy?


Sweet buddy whom I can call mine

Why it’s hard for me to find?

Do you really exist for me?

Or my heart simply waiting for the love which really doesn’t come?


Oh love if you only exist for this heart

Perhaps this precious tears is not for release of sadness

But for the joy and happiness

Of being with my sweet buddy…




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What if?

What if?


I feel the pain

At the right side of my chest

I don’t know what it is

Because I’m scared


With this pain I feel

I realized how short the life is

That if Breath of Life depart from its case

And going back to its original Place


What if tomorrow I’m gone?

What life waiting for me

With the life after death?

Do I need to rejoice?

Or scared?

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A Decade of Friendship

A Decade of Friendship


When I was starring in the amorphous image of the sky

The incandescent charm of Orion catches my sight

We are like the exists-of-two-Pleiades sisters

That even if we have miles of distance

But love becomes our filament for our friendship survives


We meet different people in our decade of journey

But they just pass and just became our history

Just like the indefinite space above

Millions of radiant star decrepit the beauty of the Orion

But the serenity of Pleiades

Echoing in the heart of humankind


They said that people are just come and go

But the time that I found all of you

I believed what they said was just a hoax

Because we sisters who were once strangers

Stay stronger for a DECADE OF FRIENDSHIP…