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Maze 101 – Vince and the Lost Guitar

My brain is empty while my heart is numb… so let’s have a break…

What about helping Vince to find his guitar. You know, he’s going to have a show this night, therefore, he really needs it right now.

Can you find it in just 30 seconds?

Hmmnnn… easy right?

And ohw! Just three trials only… ok?

Let’s maze it!

vince and the lost guitar

Congratulations! You got it! He’s going to play your favorite music as an exchange. Name it! 🙂

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Love vs. Distance

Distance is a scalar quantity that refers to “how much ground an object has covered” during its motion while love is an unexplainable motion of emotion that refers to “how much TRUST and RESPECT that the two people have” despite miles of distance



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A Cold Valentine

A Cold Valentine

Across the street

Couples are sweet

While roses on lady’s hand

To express his unquestionable love


Lady’s smile

Claiming “he’s mine”

And by the twinkle of his eyes

His agreement even twice


Then a cold breeze kissing my face

A sudden visits of old memories

Teardrops on my cheek…

And suddenly I realized… whatt’a cold valentine…