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My Achilles Heels

My Achilles Heels

I said I should be tough

In facing the consequences of love

Yet I’m a frail

And a sudden pain I feel


I said I should be smart

In taking care of my heart

Yet I’m a dunce

And ignorance hunts


A heart of mine

Still looking for someone to shield

That I shouldn’t need to be tough

That I shouldn’t need to be smart

Because the man whom I’ll love

Wouldn’t cheerfully playing

My greatest Achilles heels…

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I fooled myself
That you are mine

I’m not a numb
In not to feel that you’re just pretend
On treating me more than a friend

I just want to be with you around
Embracing the foolishness I hold

I tried to step my foot back
But it pretty against my heart

Sometimes I silently glum
Because I just hate thinking…
…that your heart has already been taken…

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A Solitary Space

A Solitary Space

Just a mile of space

In my empty place

Sadness succumbs along

While listening to our favorite song

I should be fine after all this time

Yet our memories still colonizing my mind

Teardrops lurking my eyes

Dart of pain which I can no longer hide


Darling, if I could only ask you to come back

And bring me out from the dark

Coz darling since you left me walking alone

I was lost my path on my way back home

You brought the light of happiness

And you left me a memory of loneliness


Take away the scars of my past

And let me feel again the love that won’t last

Coz darling the presence of your absence

Making my heart a mile of a solitary space…


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The Moment I am with You

The moment I am with You

Eyes glue

Heart feels as is

Soul rests

In every moment that I’m with you


The moment I am with you

I lost in my own world

For a sudden living with you around

Satisfaction, peaceful and hopeful

In every moment that I’m living with you


The moment I am with you

I couldn’t stop myself from loving you

I always craving to be with you

You are part of me

I am part of yours

Yes, it’s you…

A Poetry…

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Emotionless, I was

Letting myself living in an emptiness

Can’t figure out what I missed

In this life which is full of mysteries

Is so tough to predict why sometimes

We’re so emotionless…



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Take my Hand

Take my Hand

 Stirring up of my sluggish heart

Fixing holes caused by the past

Be my carpenter of the devastated trust

Be my man… and take my hand


Give me a reason why I should love again

Do not just say it, because I don’t want to hear

The sweetness of scripted phrases, I wouldn’t care

Just be my man… and take my hand

I’ll feel it… that my heart with you

Is un-doubtfully safe thou…

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Beneath the Moonlight

Beneath the Moonlight

I found myself smiling like a fool


 While eyes appreciating

The beauty of the moon

How I wish you’d be here?

Hands wrapping my hips

Mine is twirling in your neck


The melody of love

That may exists only in a fairy tale

Only you and me

Beneath the gracious shine of the moonlight…

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A Shield

A shield

A tender heart

So easy to fall in-love

A rebellious mind

Does its best not be blind

In this thing they called love

Consciousness should be its shield

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The Sweetness of Victory


The Sweetness of Victory

I knew you were in ill
You’ve struggled
Your dignity has been stumbled
You cried, but they forbid you to groan…

Yet your agony penetrates in the heart
 Of your sons and daughters
Every pain you feel, is their courage to fight their right
Every mourn of yours, is the seed of their hope
Every tear you shed, is the water to grow everybody’s love
Your illness is the way for your children to unite

The hands of your daughters and sons
Holding, fighting and firmly stand
To find you a cure
To cease the pain
Crying no more
Because the sweetness of our victory
Is your medicine…
… for you…
Our Beloved Country!