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My Loving Beau

My Loving Beau

By looking in my eyes
How come he does internalize
That what I need is a colorful love in life
Which myself neglect to recognize

Surprisingly he went back on my way
Bringing a basin of felicity
And insists on being a painter of this heart
While defusing the paint of joy unexpectedly

It was like a magic since he came
The plain feeling
became a masterpiece of a courageous hero
And a fearful heroine

He put hundreds of colors in a rainbow
He draws the sun at night for me to glow
Reminding me that I am worth to be love
By a merit man like him… my loving beau…

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Stumbling out of the Blue

Stumbling out of the Blue

A courage is what I drink
For the thirsty heart to quench
From the elusive love in this world
Is so risky to behold

I let myself be a foolish
For letting you in into my brain
For this rebellious cerebral of mine
Is so rigid to intertwine

I may lose my self-worth once
Coz I was hoping that there will be “u and me”
But time passing by
I realized that
Fooling myself is so tough to defy
That the more I let myself falling from you
I stumbling myself out of the blue!