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A Poet’s Blood

A Poet’s Blood

There’s no easy way to forget about poetry
Especially when you feel the blood of a poet
Flowing all over your arteries…

– Jeanix Angel

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Nation’s Rust

Nation’s Rust

They exploited their power
The power to bend the law
Wherein the law becomes an optional
An option according to their will
Their “will” to execute an indefensible prosecution
By manifesting the flaws as truth…
Just to give way the personal advantages…

It’s the nation’s rust… from the egocentric trustees…

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Rant of Innocent Bloods

Rant of Innocent Bloods


Feet were tired from running

Though heart was stumbled by leaving homeland

Yet, they have no choice but to fled

And searched for an open gate


Fears reflected in their eyes

Sorrows hiding inside

Cracking lips mourning not for water

But asking any place for peacefulness, Oh dear!


Scream of innocent children you could hear

Yet, when was God let you to be deaf?

From this innocent souls asked you to behold

The stories about their lives when pain was bold


Why did you afraid looking in their eyes?

Were you afraid to see yourself from being blind?

About this stumbled souls who need you most

Saving their own lives, while their family were gradually lost


What is your purpose why you standing there?

Wearing white collar and your words were powerful

Yet, you preferred to be an inutile

Than opening your gate and warmly welcome them


I knew your heart was soft as cotton

I knew humanity was what you’re fighting for

Yet, you were too weak to fight the “what ifs’”

“What if they can cause my country suffer?”


If only my words has a power to open your heart

If only you will listen to an ordinary girl even just once

To do what you need to do if you still have chance

To welcome refugees and to fight for fair humanity


If only, you let yourself listen for what your heart whispered

If only you let your senses open for what you really felt

Perhaps, you will able to hear

Even the soundless rant of innocent bloods!



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– I made another blog (kindly click here – Miscellaneousjean ) for my posts other than poetry.

I posted more on inspiration in this site with less than three hundred words. This is my learning blog and I will appreciate all your comments or if you like to follow then I’ll be happy for that also. 🙂 Thank you… *hugs-

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Liebster Award number 2!!!

Liebster Award number 2!!!


Hi fellas! I received second recognition from Paul this day! I should say thank you to Paul for nominating me in Liebster Award.

I extremely feel honoured at this moment. By the way, you can join Paul’s journey by checking him out here. For sure, you will enjoy his posts…

Rules for Liebster Award:

  1. Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
  2. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.
  3. All nominated bloggers are to have less than 200 followers.
  4. Answer the 10 questions posed by your nominator and create 10 different questions for your nominees to answer. Or, you can repeat the same questions.
  5. Copy these rules into your post.

The Questions are:

  1. What do you prefer, comics, books or movies?

I prefer books, but I also enjoy movies.

  1. Where are you from?

From Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

  1. Where would you like to travel to?

Somewhere in Europe 😀 , or anywhere as long as it’s Autum season there

  1. What is your favorite food?

There is no specific name, but I prefer Filipino foods

  1. What is your favorite sport?


  1. Do you play any sports?

Yeah, sometimes I play chess online because nobody wants to play with me chess here, hehe! My brothers are also busy that is why. I also play table tennis before but not good but it made me fun.

  1. What is your career plan?

I consider writing as a career though it’s too opposed with the profession I took but I want to take this seriously. The whole year 2016, I’ll spend working out about the book I started; The Redemption of Chaturanga. The truth is, I don’t know how to finish this, (LOL), but I promise to do my best, in God’s will. Even it’s my primary plan, but still I am also continuing poetry.

  1. What kind of reading of blogs category wise is your favorite?

Poetry is on the top of the list (Love and Life)

  1. Are you married, single or dating?

SINGLE. All caps? Hahha!

  1. If you could be anyone who would you like to be?

Yaya Dub… 😀

My Nominees are:


Hey guys, here are my questions:

  1. Who is your favourite blogger? Why?
  2. Which do you prefer to read? Fiction or nonfiction?
  3. How long you been in writing?
  4. What influence you to do so (blogging/writing)?
  5. Water? Or Tea?
  6. Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert?
  7. If I am going to be an instant billionaire tomorrow, where in the Philippines you would like to go? Why? (Don’t worry about the expenses, I will shoulder all, first class, haha! )
  8. City lover? Or on Nature? Why?
  9. What is your unforgettable experience?
  10. I love this question which originally from MyMemoirs; what is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator? If you don’t know what that is, take the test here!

Thank you! 🙂

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The Right Time

OMG! Paused for poem at this moment, I can’t open my facebook on my PC because it was blocked by the management :D, but it’s fine. Luckily I have a blog where I can express my feeling;

I extremely inlove and feel so giggled for this cute and lovely couple. The ALDUB! OMG! This drives me crazyyyy….! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. is on the air!!!

Though there are some people who opposed, just like the people in our office… Though they thought that I am like a crazy watching this “Tamang Panahon Moment” (‘Right Time” Moment)

…I don’t care… LOL! Be sillyy…. 😀  (as what a Comedian’s Notebook said)

This is what I feel!

My heart was broken last days ,but, by them I forgot the bitterness of my past. My soul and heart while watching this were poured with love, hope and faith.

Song: God Gave Me You


The Right Time


God never sleeps

God was never been a deaf

God never leaves you

He knows your sorrows

He knows you yell

He just around watching you

Yes, you’ve been broken

Yes, you’ve been hurt

Yes, you’ve been cried

If you thought you were alone with your sorrows

If you thought you were alone with your heartbreaks

If you thought nobody wept your tears when you cried


Who’s responsible of those grins beside your lips?

Who’s responsible of those love appreciation inside your heart?

Who wept those precious liquids from your eyes?

It’s Him

It’s Him

It’s Him

If you haven’t experience it yet

It will come

At the right time…


Ows! I said no poem

Yet, I can’t help myself

But to write

Even in just a quick poem… 🙂


This poem inspired by ALDUB… Thank you… 🙂


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Versatile Bloggers Award


I received a “Versatile Blogger Award” from a generous and gifted blogger; Paul. I appreciate your recognition and for putting me on the top of the list. 😀 . Thank you so much. Visit his website to experience his world of thoughts:

Award Rules:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!) It doesn’t say it in the rules but notify your nominations in one of their posts
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to the original site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Another Seven Facts about me:

  1. When I read this “Versatile”, I searched the meaning in goggle. 🙂 . Hey! English is not my first language, ok. I don’t have boxes of vocabulary on my head. (An excuse. 😀 )
  2. Three times of being a bride’s maid but never been a bride. I have eight god children but never been a mother. 🙂
  3. I have a talent envy; dancing. I don’t know why my brain and my body didn’t coordinate each other.
  4. First time I ride an elevator when I was in college. 🙂
  5. Fist time I ride an airplane was last 2013. 😀
  6. I have time management problem. 🙂 . But I am currently working for it. Whaattta bad habit…
  7. Woke up 7:00; Work 8:30-5:30; arrived home around 7pm; surfing in net, blogging, reading, and then sleep mostly 12 midnight.

My nominees: Can I have just five? 🙂


Enjoy the gift of God guys! We are special… 🙂

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7 Facts about Me : One Lovely Blog Award

Before I will start my assignment in Writing 201 let me have the table for expressing my gratitude to receive a One Lovely Blog Award from BrewNSpew ( Thank you so much! 🙂


Here are the rules that accompany the award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2. List the rules and display the award
3. Add 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 10 – 15 bloggers for the award, and comment on one of their posts to let them know

Here are 7 facts about me:
1. This me:


but when insanity knocks my door, this is a new me:

2. I extremely love sunset!

3. I live in a peaceful and beautiful place: Bantayan Island, Philippines. I invite everybody to come here. 🙂

4. I left one of my passions: and focus on writing

5. This photo of mine made me laugh out loud after seeing myself here: quoted “strive to survive” 😀


  1. I am not a big fan of cell phone / smart phone. I hadn’t them for several months. But now I have one. It almost a month on me but I still don’t know what my phone number is. Didn’t try to purchase load, either. 😀

  2. I love to wet my feet.

Here are they: The Amazing Bloggers!

Thank you for the glanced. Photo bombs! 🙂 …

Mother.Dinner.wont stop call me for dinner.i said i will finish this one first.but she keeps calling me for dinner.dinner.dinner.dinner.I gotta go for dinner.and back soon for assignment.

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Old Poems


I had a second attempt to write something but were all stop. I guess too much traffic inside the circuit of my brain. So I stopped. Therefore, I decided to recall some poems that I made ten years ago. 😀 . These poems were all written in a piece of notebook but also gone. Luckily I pasted these two poems in some part of my cerebrum. A confession; a bit of embarrassment about this poem, some of words are eeewww… lol… but no choice, it is what it was. 🙂

For Many Times

For many times I count our wonderful days

The happiest moment that no one can says

For the cares and love that we shares

And the importance of friendship that I really cares


For many times we have a chaos

And thought that our friendship will not continues

But within my heart, no one who knows

That my really wish is our friendship will re-close


For many times you hurt me

But drops of tears you never see

And I don’t want you to hurt someday

I sorry what might I say…

Ps: I have a feeling that there’s a single stanza that’s missing. I can’t recall what it is. 😦

The second poem is written in our native language (Tagalog). I wrote this poem because our teacher asked us to write something about industrialization. No translation because it is going to be hard for me. Hehehe! But l promise to have a little explanation at the bottom of the poem.

(Sorry, I forgot the Title)

Ang industriyalisasyon ay ating suriin

Masamang naidulot ay dapat ding isipin

Di lang isaisip kung paano paularin

Sapagkat ito rin ay mauuwi sa atin


Bansa sa Asya tulad ng Thailand at Malaysia

Kasama ang India, Sri Lanka at Indonesia

Sa malaking tsunami ay nagging biktima

Global warming daw ang dahilan ayon sa iba


Mga bansang umaasa sa indastriyalisyon

Di nila naisip ang dulot na pulosyon

Lahat ng bansa ay gustong umahon

Pagiging indastriyalisado daw ang solusyon


Kapag lahat ng bansa ay ditto aasa

Ano pa kaya ang mangyayari sa ekonomiya?

Ang tsunami ba ay babalik pa?

O di lang tsunami, kundi higit pa?!

The poem was talking about industrialization (obviously). Being an industrialized country is blessed because expectedly it is growing or wealthy. Most countries tried hard to be industrialized, of course everybody aiming to be. The poem asked “do they realized what the effect is if all countries are all depends on industrialization?” “Do they consider the Global Warming?” The poem also mentioned about the five countries who experienced the wrath of tsunami last 2004 or 2005 (I exactly doesn’t knew if what was the cause of tsunami, I was just making my project. 😀 .) At the last stanza the poem expressed its fear; “what if all countries depend on industrialization? Is it possible that tsunami will come again or not only tsunami but more that!” (I guess one of the effect of global warming was the typhoon Yolanda hits our country last 2013.It was totally terrible, because I was there in the eye of the typhoon.)

Recalling your past guides your confusing feet to what path you should walk. Time will bring you back to where you should. After ten years, now I walk again in a path of poems. I have no strength to resist; therefore I should walk with them. I loved. I enjoyed. And I satisfied.

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The Last Tears


The Last Tears

I’m about to kiss the silent and sweet relaxing night, then suddenly a memory of a person came across my cerebrum until I was tempted to visits his social media account. Then an unexplainable feeling from deep inside of my heart fuelled the electrified blood of mine enough for it to create a huge momentum that hits my fragile heart.

The last tear that I was shed because of him two years ago was desperately flown unexpectedly at this moment. My eyelids were so powerless to exert more friction for those mysterious teardrops at least able for it to cease from flowing.

A pain which was supposed to be buried and must not dig from its grave was confidently embracing my sensitive heart. Just like a victim of stray arrow elsewhere, pain became fresh again after seeing those wedding photographs of them.Finally they got married; married to woman who he chosen to be with than me three years ago.

Uncontrollable pain immensely covered my whole soul. Not even sure to which room of cause did the pain came from. It was just a feeling that debris of a fixed heart was falling from where it was pasted.

I feel the pain, but it doesn’t mean that I still loved him. Perhaps, a room of envy opened up to welcome pain. Or maybe he became part of my past that also played an important role of my life before which made me affected. Or maybe, a bitter past which supposed to be kept in the hell of history were born again because of those wedding photographs.

I cried because it’s hurt. I felt it and I let it live at this moment. I let myself because I wanted to be with myself as always. I don’t want to be like a hypocrite, but one thing is for sure; this should be the last innocent tears of mine that I shed for him!

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My Friend Lizard’s Time

Its 10:37pm at GMT+08 times

Still no ideas on my head

But I like to challenge myself

To create something

I don’t know what it is

Just let the fingers move

And follow what my mind dictates

Whatever this piece at the end

It is not me to be blame

But it’s my brain

Turned off the light

And urrgggg!

Lizard defecating on my head

The smell is ewwww…

And wewwewwewew of a mosquito

Over my ears

Not sure if she’s laughing

Or she’s just singing

Whatever it is I don’t care

I need to go to faucet

And wash a little water on my hair

My friend lizard thought

That my head is a toilet

I’ll be back and later I will make a poem with a sense

I wish! 😀

Its 10:53 pm at GMT+08 times

i dont know wheres the lizard