” Simply Me ”


A chance to express; a very simple ambition of some individuals, yet a hard to achieve. The overfull idea in mind but doesn’t gave a chance to express, the playful imaginations but stocked in a human brain and an echo from the heart but remained ignored. There are may be some amazing experience in life that may inspire to individual’s life, but has not yet shared.

You don’t need to be an expert to express what in your thought. If there may be rules in expressing oneself then have the courage to break the rules, because expressing is the best way to be heard, to share, and to inspire others. Expect to received different impressions from others, they may hate you, they may criticize your negatives, or they may love you, but who cares? You were just expressing of what or who you are. Try to communicate using more in heart and not in the brain. Appreciate the power of writing, rather than in talking when expressing. Be confident of your words; wrong grammar, wrong spelling, or wrong coordination of thoughts because these can only cause barriers when expressing, anyway, you are not attending an English class that you need to be right in all aspects. Just always remind yourself that an “absolute nothing” came from a “doing nothing”.

Yeah, I am convincing myself to express of who I am. I may have limited vocabulary stocked on my brain. Maybe I am just a shallow-brain-woman in others eyes because I did stupid things sometimes. I am not also an achiever during my school life nor became a superior on my job. Blessedly, I have a playful mind that can create a great masterpiece (in my dream ).

Experienced in life (good or bad) made any individuals to be a better person. If it is wrong to share my personal life then I will keep my real name hide and let you remember the name appears in my blog. I may not a princess nor a Hollywood celebrity for you to follow, but I loved to share my life not to impress but to express and to let other inspires on how a simple woman like me live her life…