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A Poet’s Blood

A Poet’s Blood

There’s no easy way to forget about poetry
Especially when you feel the blood of a poet
Flowing all over your arteries…

– Jeanix Angel

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Reminiscing Poetry

Reminiscing Poetry

The guilt flows all over my blood
Reminiscing of what I had
With this poetry, I used to love
I suddenly ignored and got tired

Yet as time goes by
As I keep turning my back from you
The memories of you and me
Keep hunting inside of me

Those sleepless nights
that we’ve been together
I finally miss it
I swear!

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My Loving Beau

My Loving Beau

By looking in my eyes
How come he does internalize
That what I need is a colorful love in life
Which myself neglect to recognize

Surprisingly he went back on my way
Bringing a basin of felicity
And insists on being a painter of this heart
While defusing the paint of joy unexpectedly

It was like a magic since he came
The plain feeling
became a masterpiece of a courageous hero
And a fearful heroine

He put hundreds of colors in a rainbow
He draws the sun at night for me to glow
Reminding me that I am worth to be love
By a merit man like him… my loving beau…

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Stumbling out of the Blue

Stumbling out of the Blue

A courage is what I drink
For the thirsty heart to quench
From the elusive love in this world
Is so risky to behold

I let myself be a foolish
For letting you in into my brain
For this rebellious cerebral of mine
Is so rigid to intertwine

I may lose my self-worth once
Coz I was hoping that there will be “u and me”
But time passing by
I realized that
Fooling myself is so tough to defy
That the more I let myself falling from you
I stumbling myself out of the blue!

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My Achilles Heels

My Achilles Heels

I said I should be tough

In facing the consequences of love

Yet I’m a frail

And a sudden pain I feel


I said I should be smart

In taking care of my heart

Yet I’m a dunce

And ignorance hunts


A heart of mine

Still looking for someone to shield

That I shouldn’t need to be tough

That I shouldn’t need to be smart

Because the man whom I’ll love

Wouldn’t cheerfully playing

My greatest Achilles heels…

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I fooled myself
That you are mine

I’m not a numb
In not to feel that you’re just pretend
On treating me more than a friend

I just want to be with you around
Embracing the foolishness I hold

I tried to step my foot back
But it pretty against my heart

Sometimes I silently glum
Because I just hate thinking…
…that your heart has already been taken…

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A Solitary Space

A Solitary Space

Just a mile of space

In my empty place

Sadness succumbs along

While listening to our favorite song

I should be fine after all this time

Yet our memories still colonizing my mind

Teardrops lurking my eyes

Dart of pain which I can no longer hide


Darling, if I could only ask you to come back

And bring me out from the dark

Coz darling since you left me walking alone

I was lost my path on my way back home

You brought the light of happiness

And you left me a memory of loneliness


Take away the scars of my past

And let me feel again the love that won’t last

Coz darling the presence of your absence

Making my heart a mile of a solitary space…


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The Moment I am with You

The moment I am with You

Eyes glue

Heart feels as is

Soul rests

In every moment that I’m with you


The moment I am with you

I lost in my own world

For a sudden living with you around

Satisfaction, peaceful and hopeful

In every moment that I’m living with you


The moment I am with you

I couldn’t stop myself from loving you

I always craving to be with you

You are part of me

I am part of yours

Yes, it’s you…

A Poetry…

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Emotionless, I was

Letting myself living in an emptiness

Can’t figure out what I missed

In this life which is full of mysteries

Is so tough to predict why sometimes

We’re so emotionless…